Ralph C. Mayrell Publishes Analysis of New False Claims Act Data to Inform In-House Budgeting

Robbins Russell attorney Ralph C. Mayrell published a three-part series on the False Claims Act in Law360, Digging Into FCA Stats.   In this series, he analyzes a new dataset of FCA cases obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice.  He uses this data to answer questions relevant to in-house counsel evaluating and budgeting for FCA risk.

Digging Into FCA Stats, Part 1: In-House Litigation Budget Insights addresses factors that affect in-house budgeting for FCA litigation: How long do FCA cases typically take to litigate? How often do FCA defendants prevail and do the odds change as cases progress? And how much do defendants pay to end FCA cases?

Digging Into FCA Stats: Part 2 – A Decade of Litigation Trends discusses FCA litigation trends over the past decade: Has the DOJ decided to intervene and take over litigation in qui tam cases brought by private relators more or less often? Are cases taking more or less time to litigate after they are unsealed? Are defendants prevailing more or less often? Are defendants that settle paying more or less to resolve their cases?

Digging Into FCA Stats: Part 3 – Litigation’s Return On Investment evaluates the outsized cost of FCA cases that the government leaves to private relators to pursue: How often do those cases end in recovery, and how much do defendants pay? How much time do defendants and courts collectively devote to these cases? And what is the government’s return on investment?

To learn more about Robbins Russell’s experience representing government contractors and health care providers in FCA litigation, visit our False Claims Act Practice Profile.