Robbins Russell Associate Lee Friedman Obtains Reversal For Client In Fourth Amendment Appeal

On July 20, 2017, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals reversed the convictions of firm client Tony Armstrong in Armstrong v. United States, No. 15-CF-128 (D.C.).

The court held that the police stop of a car, in which Mr. Armstrong was a passenger, violated the Fourth Amendment because it followed a multi-block, daytime dragnet for a “white Mercury Sable” resulting in four separate stops (including of the relevant white Chevy Lumina).  After a careful analysis of the facts and circumstances, the Court held that “the lookouts, which boiled down to two black men in a white car, at high noon on a weekday, in downtown D.C., were simply insufficient to generate any particularized suspicion that the appellants here were the suspects being sought.”  As a result, the court reversed Mr. Armstrong’s convictions without remand.

Robbins Russell associate Lee Turner Friedman argued the case before the Court of Appeals, joined on the briefs by partner Matthew Madden.  Robbins Russell was appointed to represent Mr. Armstrong pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act.

Read the decision here.